Justion Advocaten is a law firm with four branches in the southwestern part of the Netherlands, specifically in Middelburg, Rotterdam, Terneuzen and Breda. The 26 people who comprise our experienced and expert team of lawyers include specialists in a number of areas of law.

We work for local, regional, and national governments, healthcare institutions, public organizations, semi-public organizations, and both large and medium-sized companies established in the Netherlands, as well as foreign companies that work with or wish to work with Dutch partners.

Furthermore, foreign companies that wish to establish offices in the Netherlands can contact Justion Advocaten for advice on the different areas of Dutch law that they are or may be faced with. Examples of such topics include domestic or international contract law, franchising law, competition law, labour law, liability law, tenancy law, subsidy and state aid law, environmental law, construction law, and procurement law.
We also assist companies in disputes with the government (if we are free to do so) for example by conducting proceedings against decisions of various governments. Additionally, we assist in the prevention of disputes with governments by applying for and obtaining the necessary permits, for example. We can give advice on the complicated Dutch regulations that can seem opaque and incomprehensible to foreign companies.
We complete the broad range of legal areas relevant to companies and forming the basis on which we operate with the practice of our criminal law specialists, who deal exclusively with cases concerning corporate criminal law, environmental criminal law, corruption, and money laundering. After all, businesses and institutions (and their directors or supervisors) may have to deal with the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) (the Tax and Customs Administration’s [Belastingdienst] investigation service), the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, or the Health and Safety Inspectorate. When performing these services, it is often essential to act quickly, appropriately, and correctly. We can advise and assist you in such cases.
We work in teams to better ensure the continuity and quality of the services we provide.
Our lawyers love to get work done, and act quickly and pragmatically. We work with you to look for solutions. We act as your partner and work with you to perform a risk analysis and then to consult with you on how best to act.
Specialist knowledge is essential to Justion Advocaten, which is why we constantly invest in it. We use this knowledge to represent the interests of our clients at a high level, while also sharing this knowledge with our clients. We are ready to assist you. We provide a high-quality service that is tailored to your needs. Our working method is quick, pragmatic, and realistic.
If you would like to learn more, then please contact us to arrange a meeting without obligation by sending an e-mail to info@justionadvocaten.nl or calling one of our branches.